General terms of sale of the provider: Ass
ociation Coeur de Loir
eSeege: 79 bis route d'aunay – 45130, Meung-sur-LoireN
-SIRET: 82524274600022

Coeur de Loire is a non-profit association.

These contractual terms and conditions detailed below and below, referred to as "The Terms and Conditions" govern the contractual relationship between any client to use the services offered by the Association Coeur de Loire, which makes a purchase for the benefit of the latter and as "the customer". Thus, these terms and conditions govern the sale of all products, the realization of any services or reservations offered by this company and, if present on the website www.coeur2loire.com. These terms and conditions are the only ones applicable to such relationships and replace any other conditions, or contractual stipulations, except for express and written prior derogations between the company and the customer. Any orders made, both from the Heart of Loire Association and through the website, www.coeur2loire.com implies full and unreserved adherence to these terms and conditions and possibly to the specific or specific conditions derogatory to one or more products ordered, solicited or reserved from that company. These conditions may be amended at any time by the Heart of Loire Association, as these changes are enforceable, as of their posting on the www.coeur2loire.com website and cannot apply to any contracts concluded and regularized previously. Thus, each purchase made on the site is governed by the general conditions applicable to the date of the order. Each purchase made directly from the Association or one of its board members is governed by the terms and conditions applicable to the date of the order or booking.

These conditions are intended to define the reciprocal terms and obligations of the parties, as well as the various stages of the ordering process. Thus, any order placed on the site will be subject to the general conditions, as well as the specific conditions that may govern the purchase, of certain services or services offered or associated. Any order made with the Heart of Loire Association will be subject to the general terms and conditions applicable to the date, as well as the specific conditions that may govern the purchase or booking of certain associated services. This order or booking will be recorded in a written manner, with the following terms and conditions expressly attached and given to the customer. Customers interested in a service visible on the website www.passeursdeloire.fr follow the following process in order to establish their order: After choosing the services and checking the specifics of their order, the customer can pay by credit card. The booking is taken into account only after payment. The service can be postponed by the client and/or Coeur de Loire, except in case of force majeure, no later than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. Otherwise, the settlement will be acquired at Coeur de Loire. The performance can be postponed at any time by Coeur de Loire. It can be postponed during the period of activity, if it is a GOOD CADEAU, transferable (free of charge), but not refundable.

S: The services offered for sale are described and presented with the greatest possible accuracy. However, if errors or omissions have occurred in this presentation, coeur de Loire cannot be held liable. The illustrations, photos of the products in support of the text do not fall within the scope of the contract. Gift vouchers are non-refundable, but may be transmitted if necessary. All GOOD CADEAU are valid 2 years after their payments. They are valid during the period of activity and must be presented on the day of the boat trip. ARTICLE IV – PRICE OF PRESTATIONS: Prices are presented in euros. Any delivery order is worth accepting prices and descriptions of the products for sale. Included is liability insurance covering the pilot and passengers.

gift voucher entitles the recipient to perform a benefit during the validity period by accepting the constraints associated with them. Appointment: The exit must be carried out during the validity of the ticket and, in order to do so, it is mandatory to validate an appointment date before the expiry date of the ticket. Weather: The exit depends very much on the weather conditions. The schedule communicated being, because of the randomness of those weather conditions, indicative. The team in charge of your exit will be able to decide at any time to postpone this postponement for security reasons. This decision to defer the time of the exit or cancel the outing and cannot be a reason to refund the price of the service at the time of booking. Health: The activity does not require any particular physical conditions. Image rights: Video rights and photos will remain the property of Coeur de Loiresauf contrary opinion and special express stipulation. They can be used on all types of media.

The choice to offer a traditional boat trip on the Loire to a third party is its exclusive responsibility. The client certifies that he has the capacity and authority to conclude this agreement and to carry out the obligations arising from these terms and conditions. The customer or person planning a traditional boat trip on the Loire must be present at the appointment given by phone or e-mail. In the event of cancellation within 48 hours of the appointment or not presentation, the validity of the ticket will be considered to be null and void. The cancellation of the booking on the part of the customer or seller commits the seller to propose a later date in agreement with the customer.

TIONS: If one or more clauses of these terms and conditions are held at any time to be invalid, or declared as such, under a law, a regulation or as a result of a final decision of a civil court, the other stipulations will retain their full value and scope.

n accordance with ArticleL121-16 of the Consumer Code, "the buyer or customer has a period of seven free days from the date of payment in case of purchase of a specific property or product proposed by Coeur de Loire and must return at his expense, in letter recommended with acknowledgement, the items ordered for reimbursement of the seller. The exercise of the right of withdrawal will give rise to the buyer: -a refund by cheque; this refund will take place no later than 30 days after the right of withdrawal was exercised on the condition of receipt by the seller of the returned product.